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Why should I get a retaining wall?

 A lot of the time when we install a retaining wall its to help with erosion, soil retaining or when people have a big slope. We install the retaining wall and we flatten the back of it, now we have, instead of a slope, a nice flat area where they can work on. But it is mostly just for retaining soil. We do have people who really just like the look of it. But it’s mostly just to have a more workable garden space, to take out a slope and make it level.


Do you landscape large properties?

Yes, we do all sizes of properties.


will you clear old trees, bushes, etc.?

We can clear out your jungle or forest.


do you replace grass with turf ?

No we don’t replace grass with turf but we can lay down new sod.


Retaining Walls? Step stone walkways? What don’t I know about pavers?

A lot of people think installing pavers is just to dig a little bit and put pavers over it, but it doesn’t work like that. We have to take a lot of the organic soil out, bring in crushed rock, compact it, level it, and then install the pavers. You have to seal it and make sure it’s gonna last a long time. There’s more to it then what people think. 

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